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Welcome To Maharaja Fine Indian Cuisine

A king or prince in India ranking above a rajah. Used as a title for such a king or prince.

Countless Indian restaurants are named Maharaja from "Sanskrit" word (mahrja) that means great king". The element mah-is related to Greek mega - and Latin Magnus, both meaning the same thing as the "Sanskrit"

Maharaja Restaurant is the first Authentic Indian Cuisine in Sarasota serving authentic Indian Tandoori, charcoal grilled, and Muglai dishes. Warm setting, friendly service and traditional curries.
Mike W.
Kansas City, MO
When the food is so good, you hate to knock anything...but the service was slow, not bad, just slow. Saturday night the place was packed and two servers were challenged with a hungry restaurant full of people. They did great, but it did take a while.
Alison F.
Tampa, FL
We stopped here for a quick lunch because our normal sushi place was closed. We weren't sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised! This restaurant is certainly "asian fusion" and not the traditional Japanese we were used to
Craig F
Sarasota, Florida
24 January 2016
Last evening Cathy and I had an excellent meal at this new Indian restaurant next door to the "Dollar Theater" (that now charges $2.50) in Sarasota before seeing the movie "The Martian." I've enjoyed Indian cuisine from Bangkok to Taipei, to Los Angeles,
Sarasota, Florida
13 January 2016
I cannot believe all the excellent and very good reviews that have been posted on Trip Advisor extolling the fine cuisine . The food is okay (average) and nothing more. The decor is abysmal and buffet selection is barely adequate.

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